Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 Things

Its Wednesday here in Baltimore (in case my theories are right and the East Coast really is a different planet) and autumn has begun to creep in.  I’ve found that there are types of chilly in this part of the woods, and believe it or not, I’m not frozen quite yet. 
            Though I’m not miserable as many would have predicted (I’m referring to my  not being in California, not my actual state of being), I would like to take this time to list the 5 things I miss prior to making $105 a month and living in the most perfect state (I doubt there will be any surprises):
1)      First and foremost, I miss my one true love, In n Out.  Every time I smell grilled onions, my heart drops a little bit.  The longing for animal style fries lingers for hours at a time.  And that crisp Diet Coke is just extra spread on the burger (errr icing on the cake).  I haven’t found a replacement for you nor will I ever.  In n Out, I love you.
2)      Sushi.  Those of you who have ever seen me eat sushi knows this one is self explanatory.  Though I will say we did have a sushi night at our house where I prepared everything from scratch (even the sticky rice!) and I have found a new respect for sushi chefs, it sure isn’t easy.
3)      Sunday Morning.  For those of you who know her, she’s a beautiful 2009 Hyundai Sonata whom I adore.  She’s in the trusted care of my 17 year old sister (oxymoron) and she was so dependable at getting me from point A to point B.  I miss the luxury of being able to go where I want, when I want.  She has been replaced by my new friend the bus.  Though I do not loathe the bus like I once had, I still find myself out of luck when she’s running a half hour behind schedule and all I want to do is go home.  I have become friends with 2 bus drivers who pick up Becca and me every morning.  They have been known to tease each other about who got to pick us up today.  To make this story less creepy, Becca and I are usually the last 2 at the last stop, where we see a lot of accidents and randomness that allows conversation with the bus drivers.
4)      Target.  Target is this place on Earth where dreams become reality and you can find your favorite face wash for under $5.  You can get just about anything in your dreams and your price range all under one very tacky yet chic decorated roof.  In college, when I had to wait for Rachel, I would go and simply play in Target.  Now, it’s an hour bus ride to Target, and let’s just say the one in town is less than par.
5)      Two buck chuck.  I enjoy a nice glass of red wine with my dinner (especially on days where the chili powder is used!).  And so when I moved to the East Coast on, you guessed it, $105 a day, I was calmed to know I could afford Trader Joe’s worst kept secret.  Well, little to my knowledge, the state of Maryland doesn’t sell alcohol in grocery stores.  You have to go to an off license (or Geri’s Liquors) to purchase a bottle of wine.  And let’s face it, sometimes a glass Charles Shaw is the only cure to living with 4 other girls.  But I’m getting over this fact and surviving just fine.

Of course I miss my family and friends, but I text/email/Facebook/Call/BBM you all so much, you barely even notice I’m gone!  My next goal on this blog thing is to fill you in on all the cool things I’ve done that you may or may not have already heard about!

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